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Registration Form Extra Curricular Activities

2022 - 2023

Dear Students/Parents, 

Through this registration form you can sign up for the Extra Curricular Activities 2022 - 2023. After your payment you will receive the confirmation of the activity. If you have some doubts to join one of the clubs you are more than welcome to try it out and see if you like it. After two trainingsthe coach will ask you to sign up officially.

If you want to switch between activities during the year you need to send an email to Mr. R. Wuisman (Sports Director ISE).

After all sign ups are registered we will start sending you more information about practice games, Dutch Leagues and International Tournaments.

Sporty Greetings,

Robbert Wuisman
Sports Director ISE

Student information

Emergency contact details

Medical/dietary details

If yes please give details:

Extra Curricular Activities

For additional information per activity we refer you to our website or the letter in the attachment of the email. Here you will find the weekly trainingsschedule, what is expected and the list of Tournaments per activity.

Football (Full season)

Basketball (Starting from October)

Volleyball (Full season)

Unfortunately this group is full

Badminton (Full season)

Cross country running (Full season)

Competitive Swimming (Starting from January) 

Track & Field (Starting from February)

Softball (Starting from October)

Tennis (Spring season: February - June)

Golf (Spring season: January - June)

Privacy Rule

In line with current Dutch privacy laws, we need your permission to provide all the information given on this form to the coach/organization who will teach the after school activity your child will attend. The after school activity coach will only use this number in case of emergency. Without this permission, you will not be able to sign up your child for after school activities.