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One-off setup costs including training € 350,00 One-off costs for commissioning the system and including online training.
Annual license € 800,00 Business version. No limit on number of projects or number of users.
Optional modules to be added - Annual costs € 400,00 Multi Scan Module.
€ 800,00 Login Module.
€ 800,00 Abstract Handling Module
€ 800,00 Connecting of projects and sharing of data in one and the other project.
€ 800,00 Time Based Action Module
€ 400,00 API connection with a external system.
Per registration according to scale, on an annual basis € 1,00 First 2000 registrations. A registration becomes a registration if an entry-date from the respondent or own organization is recorded in the system, or if a document is generated. CSV imports are not considered registrations, deleted registrations are.
€ 0,50 From 5000 registrations.
€ 0,75 From 2000 to 5000 registrations.
Costs e-mails € 0,000 per project up to 10 free mails per registration.
€ 0,015 per e-mail, above 10 e-mails per registration.
Additional training (Optional) € 250,00 Online or at the Easydus office.
€ 400,00 At the customer's location (excluding travel costs 30 cents per km).
Payment provider Sisow Own free agreement with payment provider Sisow. For more information see
iDeal € 0,29 per transaction.
Creditcard € 0,25 per transaction + 2,8% of the total amount + € 34 annually to WorldLine credit card company.
Bank transfer € 0,30 per transaction.
PayPal Go to
Support (office hours) € 80,00 per hour. Takeover of project design. Create corporate identity. Clean up Excel sheets for import. General training and education.
Support (outside office hours) € 150,00 per hour.
Support (Urgent) € 120,00 per hour. Support/case (longer then one hour) that must be delivered within 5 working days.
Custom advice € 150,00 per hour. Consultancy process design, database management. Additional programming requirements. On-site training.
Others Cancellation no later than 3 months before the end of the license contract (i.e. before October 1 in the current year). All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT. Fair use: rates are based on fair use. In case of disproportionate use of bulk data storage, disproportionate generation of numbers of documents and the like, different agreements can be made.
Billing Annual fee immediately. Consumption per quarter afterwards. Payment credited to our account within 15 days of the invoice date.