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3 maart 2021



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Personal information

Please ensure that you register with the initial (s) and surname with which you are registered in the BIG register / membership number of your professional group.


PAY ATTENTION. Your confirmation / invoice will be sent to this email address. So enter your own personal email address here.

Registration conditions

After your registration you will receive a digital invoice that is also a confirmation of your registration.This will be sent via e-mail to the address you specified when registering.

Within 14 days after registration, written (via e-mail) and without costs can be canceled. After this, cancellation is still possible until February 17, 2021 (only in writing by e-mail).

In that case the cancellation costs amount to € 35.00.

Already paid registration fee will be refunded to you within two weeks after deduction of these costs. After February 17, 2021, cancellation is no longer possible and you owe the entire registration fee. All possible collection costs will be borne entirely by the tenderer.

* After clicking on the "send" button you will receive a confirmation. If you do not receive this check that you have entered everything correctly, try again or contact